What is MAPS – Open Cell Porous Material?

These environment-friendly open-cell porous products have freely controllable cell diameter (10μ~250μ)which is created by extracting the nuclear agent. By changing the base resin, the products exhibiting a wide variety of features can be attained.


  1. The cell diameter can be selected.

    By selecting the size of nuclear agents, the cell diameter (10~250μm) can be freely controlled.

    • Filtration

      By varying the cell (pore) size, the liquid permeability can be optimized to the application.

    • Stable Liquid Permeability

      By changing the cell size, it gives an ideal use in liquid permeability.

  2. The cell diameter can be selected.

    By selecting an olefin-based resin or various other resins, the products exhibiting properties of the specific resin can be attained and tailored to the application be customized.

    • Solvent and Chemical Resistance

      There are variety of heat and chemical resistance by olefin-resin.

    • Material flexibility

      Because you can choose the resin, a wide range of open-cell porous products with resin specific properties can be created.

    • High water absorption

      By water special treatment, excellent absorption properties can be achieved.

  3. Environment-friendly

    Because organic solvents are not used in the manufacturing process, this product is particularly environment-friendly.

    • Lint-free

      Using proprietary Formulating techniques and manufacturing process. The material itself becomes lint-free.

    • Recycle material, olefin-base-resin is applied.

      Using an olefin-based resin, excellent recycling properties can be obtained.

  4. Others
    • Soft Touch
      Excellent texture by cell size selecting.

Examples of MAPS Applications

  1. Office Application

    Wiping materials used in cleaning rooms, cleaning rollers, high ink absorbers, ink cartridge filter.

  2. Medical Application

    Liquid medicine exuding pads, pads to stop bleeding, Gas-Liquid separation filters (indwelling needle filters).

  3. Other

    Office supplies (pen grips, permeable stamp pads), Cosmetics (puffs, eye color tips). Other liquid filters.

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