INOAC intends to create a beautiful forest, comprising many trees of varying character, rather than raising a single tall tree.
For realizing a better life, INOAC has specialized not in a single business but has bred four business seeds: urethane, rubber, plastic and synthetic materials. INOAC has grown various businesses from these seeds. Today it has developed into a conglomerate, supplying diverse products and services, thereby contributing to society.INOAC intends to grow many trees, or businesses, of distinct characters, to satisfy the needs of the times.
Innovation & Globalization
INOAC intends to lead the world in the polymer chemistry. Its aim is to become a global organization of vibrant energy and unique ideas, making prompt, agile decisions and actions. INOAC has established its Rules of Conduct so as to realize its corporate philosophy by ensuring that all its employees behave honestly both on and off duty, thereby making INOAC a brand trusted by local communities, society, customers and all concerned.
Rules of Conduct
Challenge Think resourcefully and take action without fear of failure
Customer satisfaction Act to improve customer satisfaction
Honesty and trust Be reliable and avoid lies or falsifications
Profits Act to expand business continuously and realize profitable growth
Teamwork Present ideas frankly and act reliably
Responsibility Carry out each duty with responsibility
INOAC , as a talented group , has lead the world’s material research in the area of high polymer chemistry, and continually develops and optimizes technologies for the markets needs with its talents and year of experiences and INOAC prides itself on this area of strength . Inoac believe that the unique and free thinking and energetic action which enable us to create products which go beyoud expectations. This is what makes us a leading company full of innovation.
Our Partners