Non-Combustible Silicone Sheet, NanNex

The non-combustible silicone sheet, NanNex, is a high expansion silicone foam that has been developed by taking advantage of the latest polymer technologies. It features unprecedented, superior properties, including excellent heat/cold resistance and low combustibility, providing a wide range of applications.


Low compression set
NanNex has very low compression set.
Weather resistance.
NanNex offers excellent weather resistance.
Lengthy/composite applications
Long-size and/or composite products can be developed.
Heat and cold resistance
NanNex offers excellent heat and cold resistance.
Flame resistant
NanNex offers superior flame resistance.


 TL Series null null
TL4000 series has a thickness variation of 1.0 to 8.0mm, offering 4 colors and 5 grades of hardness.
BF/HT Series null null
BF series is a Standard silicone foam. It is available in a thickness range from 1.6 to 25.4mm.

Thicknesses of 3.2mm and greater have passed the UL94 V-0 test.HT series is available in three grades of hardness as usage. Thickness can be selected from 0.8mm.

All Standard of HT series products are UL94 V-0 approved.

RF/IF Series null null
BF-1000 with aluminum-based fabric

RF seriesis a product manufactured by integrally molding aluminum-based fabric onto its one side, demonstrating an effective resistance and insulation against radiant heat.BF-1000 with on fiberglass

IF series is the type of material with glass wool-based fabric integrally molded onto its one side, resulting in higher physical strength and improved adhesion of other materials onto the processed surface.

FPC Series null null
Special silicone foam on fiberglass

FPC series offers high temperature resistance property that prevents the product from melting when it is engulfed in the flames of 1000°C for twenty minutes or more. Even if it should burn, toxic gases are not generated.

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