What is Transcool?

With the advance and development in electronic industry the thermal management for electric equipment becomes more and more important. Thermal conductive sheet is one of the most common solutions for the thermal management. Transcool is the interface material between the heat generator and the cooling equipment. INOAC produce the thermal conductive sheet with the high thermal conductivity and softness like sponges and very effective for thermal conductive applications.

Transcool is available with sheet type Gseries and tape type S series. G series is made from silicone polymer that has the excellent durability and heat resistance. S series is a styrene system thermal conductive tape which combines thinness, softness, and adhesiveness.

G Series Characteristics

S Series Characteristics

  • A variety of hardness and thermal conductivity to cheese from (hardness askerC 20to45,thermal conductivetiy 1.2~5.0W/mK)
  • Different thickness available
  • Good concavo-convex following
  • With the surface coating technology, easy to assemble by controled surface tackyness.
  • Environmentally considerated material which applied RoHS
  • Thinness (0.2 mm) and the high thermal conductivity (1.4~1.8 W/mK) are made compatible.
  • a strong adhesion grade and a weak adhesion grade.
  • Environmentally considerated material which applied RoHS


Masa Sheet

Masa Sheet is a sheet product of the solid silicone rubber which thickness start from 0.1mm with several hardness, (without thermal conductive function)


  • Thickness 0.1~0.6mm (The minimum thickness varies by a grade.
  • Hardness JIS Type A 20~70 ・Color translucence~gray~black
  • Surface nature glossy or mat
  • with or without the adhesive tape can be selected
  • Low silloxane
  • Temperature range -40~200
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